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Sudan: Between the general elections And the draft electoral Law

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The general elections will be held in Sudan in mid March amid rejection of the electoral law regulating the election processes and frank and urgent demands by various political sides to change this law.


Jordan: early elections for the Muslim Brotherhood [MB] Group

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Election activity in Jordan in the month of February was characterized with the following: calls for the review of the electoral law and its regulations to achieve more balance and justice among the various social segments, as was indicated by the parties demanding the review. Jordan was also making preparations for the elections of the Jordanian Press Association [JPA] which will be held in the last week of April 2008 as well as the early elections of the Shura Council of the Muslim Brotherhood [MB] Group.

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Egypt: Local Council elections

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February was a month of preparations for the election of the local councils due to be held in Egypt on 8 April 2008. Party elections were held for the opposition Democratic Front Party and for the key leadership posts of the Progressive National Unionist Grouping Party. Meanwhile, a judicial decision was made allowing the Egyptian Engineers Association [EEA] to hold its elections after a suspension of 14 years.

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