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Jordan : A quite opening and weak participation

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Jordan : A quite opening and weak participation


Seven in the morning was the time for opening polling stations for the Jordanian House of Representatives in the 12 governorates of the Kingdom, in addition to constituencies of nomads of the north, center, and south, (53) international observers from 14 Arab countries were distributed to monitor elections for the seventeenth House of Representatives in Jordan, the network's monitors are distributed on 40 polling stations in 10 governorates of the Kingdom.


The Network focused in monitoring the opening on the following key questions:

- Is the polling station opened at seven in the morning? Is it easy to access?

- Are polling stations staff present an hour before the voting date?

- Are the delegates of candidates and lists present at the polling station?.

- Are there any of the local and international observers in polling stations?

- Are there observers prevented from entering polling stations?.

- Are there any electoral propaganda activity seen near polling stations?.

- Was any of the basic materials (Electronic voter register, ballot papers, ballot boxes, etc.) not available?

The network's team noted that:

All centers were opened at seven o'clock in the morning, with the exception of two in the first constituent in Madaba and the constituent of Bedouins of the center because of the late arrival of agents of candidates and lists, where access to these centers was easy, and the employees of the polling stations were present, and in all opening of the centers attended by network's observers there were local observers and agents of candidates and lists, and in 6 centers there were international observers.

It was also noted that observers' reception has been good, and no local or international observers were prevented from entering the centers.

Of the most prominent notes until 10:00 am were the following:

1-      The opening of centers was quiet and opening measures were smooth with the disparity in the application of the opening measures, ballot papers were not counted in some centers of the constituent of the Bedouin of the Center and the First constituent in Madaba.

2-      Polling is weak in most of the centers with the exception of polling stations in the Fifth constituent in Amman and Karak.

3-      despite issuing instructions to stop campaigning on the day of ballot inside the polling stations and proximity up to 200 m from these centers, the network's observers noted the presence of campaigns near the centers in Amman - the first, the second, and the fifth constituents, and in the constituents of Salt, Jerash, Aqaba, Madaba, Zarqa, Mafraq, Bedouins of the north, and Irbid, and it was also observed that some cards of candidates were present in the constituent of Bedouins of the center and the First constituent in Madaba.

4-      The basic materials were available, with the exception of the constituent of Salt – Kamaliya School, as a computer does not work because of a technical failure.

For more information and to communicate with the network's team in Jordan, please contact:

Head of Mission: lawyer Hoger Jettou

799074315 00962

Dr. Violette Dagher - Spokesperson of the monitoring team.


Or via e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it -

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

It is noteworthy that the network was founded in 2006, with the participation of thirty-five civil society organizations from 12 Arab countries, and since its inception the network monitored the elections in Yemen, Mauritania, Morocco, Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon, Sudan, Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt, and the network has an Arab observatory for Elections ( ).