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Report on the seats of women during the nomination period

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New World Foundation  For Development and Human Rights
Observers Without Borders

Poor representation of women in political parties, nominations for the parliamentary elections in 2010

The coalition monitors Borders Foundation for a new world of development and human rights work of the monitoring stage of opening the door for nomination for the parliamentary elections 2010, the seats reserved for women, which lasted for 5 days from November 3 to November 8, 2010, and The Coalition to monitor the performance of women candidates and the electorate and phenomena and problems of the electoral faced and the factors affecting the application of the experience of the allocation of seats for women in the two Antkhabitn consecutive terms until 2015, which represents a distinct positive in their favor applied by 112 countries so far, and faced women 4 fundamental problems in the provision of applications is the intransigence with independent women candidates in the administrative procedures and lack of familiarity with securities required by the committees of the receipt of applications Bmdreatt security and non-availability of the election card to them and the strict proof of Elsafpothol some candidates for the National Party to the categories of workers, has been monitoring several observations:


First: the proportion of representation of women in the nomination:

1 - The number of female candidates 397 candidates of whom 148 candidates from political parties and 249 candidates from the independents, while the advanced 3 women in Cairo and Alexandria to stand on the seats core of them, Dr. Amal Osman Department Dokki and Jamilpasmaeil Department Nile Palace of the 5328 candidates.

2 -  percentage of the number of candidates for the seats quota 7.45% of the total number of candidates for the elections, and the proportion of women on the seats basic 0.007%, Mmaekshv desire of candidates in the competition for Almqaaadalm_khassp of women and the difficulty of the basic Mnavsthn seats.

3 - The percentage of women candidates from 148 political parties running for seats in the quota for 1223 candidates for the parties by 12%.

4 - The percentage of women candidates from political parties, 37.2% of the total number of female candidates of their number 397 candidates and the percentage of women candidates from the independents 62.7% of the total number of filters, which indicates a lack of interest of parties nominating a large number of women among their candidates for the dearth of cadres, the party of women.

5 - The percentage of independent candidates, more than 1.68 for women candidates of political parties, including more than one and a half, which refers to the existence of Problems in the programs of the parties to the call of women for political participation and direction in which to express themselves individually in an independent candidacy.

6 - The National Democratic Party nominated 64 women for the quota in the 32 circle the same number of seats allocated to women while nominated Wafd Party, 21 candidates from the 205 candidates of the party, the Party nominated assembly 10 filters of the 78 candidates, nominated by the party of Nazareth 8 filters of 43 candidates, and nominated Al-Ghad Party 8 filters of the 32 women in Alexandria, 3 filters and the other candidates of smaller parties, while the Muslim Brotherhood, was nominated 5 women of the 135 candidate essential.

7 - the percentage of nominations party delegation of women 10.24% of the total number of candidates, while the nominations Rally for Women 11.49% of the total number of candidates, while the percentage of nominations of women in the party Nazarene 18.6% of the total number of candidates, and the percentage of nominations of women Al-Ghad Party in 25% of the total number of candidates, and nominations reached the National Women's 9.8% of the total number of 780 adult candidates in the election as a candidate nominated 65 women whom Dr / Osman hopes on the seat platform.

8 - The National Party balances high among the tribes for the selection of candidates in the quota in the governorates of Aswan and the Red Sea and South Sinai, put forward rule of non-recurrence of a candidate or a candidate from one tribe and committed Bhetwazanat tribes in the selection and rotation according to the role on the seats, the Adtaraly put in more than one candidate in Aswan on the single-seat in the three constituencies of the tribes Aldjaafarh and Hijazi and Alabaidp and Yaicp and Almtagnp and repeated in the Red Sea among the tribes of Brahmins and Alababdp and supervision, and in Qana committed to the families and homes derby, Abu Shali In Sohag, happened the same situation in the balance between filters in front of families Hammadi, Abu Haji Aldrderouhdt compete severe among the tribes of the white and red in front of Matrouh and Siwa Alsnnp tribes on the seats of women.

9 - The participation of women from the Muslim Brotherhood, a very small, reflecting the vision of the group in the neglect of the role of women and non-recognition of its activity in the community to the degree of the group's leaders to vote on the participation of whom have or not and the result is to reject 95% of them women's participation is Matkrr in the complete rejection of women's participation in the group's members in the Shura Council elections.

10 - Party fielded levels 11 Copts, including Coptic, and one is Suad Israel that changed the national ID card and Qsrth on Souad Saeed, nominated by opposition parties, 30 Copts of them d / Mona Makram Ebeid Party delegation in the Shubra al-Khaima, and followed a number of parties the same approach as nominated assembly 5 Copts confirmation of the principle of citizenship and Houma coincided at the same time invited Michael Mounir head of Ed in Ed not to vote the Copts of the ruling party, damage Naguib Gabriel, head of the Egyptian Federation for Human Rights of the small number of Copts in the choices of political parties and prominent human rights activists.

Second: The phenomena of election:

1 - There were strong objections following the announcement of the National Democratic Party candidates chosen for the quota because of the exclusion of a large number of filters, one of the amines were separated women are Sanaa Suez serious objection to the result.

2 - The majority of elections to hold quota in a single day in all the provinces within the government headquarters, and candidates keen to accompany their relatives and colleagues at work as a symbol of Cobeithn.

3 - entered some filters quota in the national change in the status of the electoral groups to the workers because there is intense competition for a seat categories, which led to the existence of several appeals from the candidates of the parties to nominate a seat on the workers, and it challenged candidate Rally Menoufia Salma Murad workers and a candidate delegation Salwa Tawfik workers to change the candidate national joyful bath lawyer described the categories to the workers despite the possession of a law firm, and Houma repeated in Qana where changed Fatima Ibrahim, an engineer and director of the industrial zone Bakaft described categories of the workers and peasants, and the d. to Atuna Mohammed Murad Port change character classes to workers.

4 - Say Anaqbiat the number of candidates on the lists of the National Party and the opposition parties because of the lack of representation of women in these unions.

5 - has been quietly and without noise the rest of the choices of political parties for women candidates for seats in the quota has not been able to attract candidates for all seats and nomination merely symbolic of a number of them in some quarters.

6 - women came less use of modern technology in the Internet and communications during the stage of opening of nomination for publicity for themselves and Oguetsrn the printing of posters and hanging them on the streets, advertisements and paper name, image and distribution.

Third: The procedure for nomination:

1 - The majority security directorates in the governorates, including the departments of the security of the western and northern Sinai, facilities for applicants for nomination was exclusion from the role when the papers nominated without applying the rule of primacy of the audience, and allocated a number of departments including Alqahrpwalgizp, Assiut, employees and police women to receive the papers for nomination to facilitate the front of the filters, and allocated Security Directorates in Luxor, Qena, Assiut and Beni Suef, a separate office to receive Oorachn.

2 -  and faced a number of independent women candidates difficulties and intransigence on the part of committees to receive applications during the presentation of papers nominated because you do not specify security directorates of the papers required and the lack of awareness of staff assigned to the rules of law and instructions of the Supreme Committee for the elections, and repeated in the Security Directorate of Luxor request additional sheets not provided for by the daughter of Mohamed Mahmoud workers independent and was the card the mother and father to prove their nationality, also rejected the Cairo Security Directorate receipt of nomination papers Najwa Abbas categories of Rally in Nasr City on the seats primary and the nomination of a beautiful Ismail two seats in the quota and short-circuit the Nile, and faced the faith of a symbolic candidate quotas in Giza difficulties in the receipt of nomination papers Giza Security Directorate, was kidnapped papers Omaima Ibrahim Holiday Assiut and filed a report on the incident conditions No. 6, also accepted the papers D. Mona Makram-Ebeid, in Shubra al-Wafd Party after refusing the day before the nomination.

3 - came certificates of registration in the electoral rolls in the introduction to the difficulties faced by women and including 3 women in Helwan them Zeenat Mahmoud Abdalmattiy categories of independent and refused to Sheriff Helwan cards for parliamentary seats, while the Directorate of Giza Security extracted the ballots of the candidate Iman Ramzi Fahim, the lack of availability of card with them when submit their papers, while the successful candidate Samira Ahmed delegation was in Cairo to accept the papers after a court ruling of the administrative court to compel the Interior Ministry have extracted the card.

4 - comes certificates prove the character the second most important difficulties has refused a number of security directorates, including the Directorate of Security Bank of nomination papers 3 filters for lack of a certificate to prove such workers from trade unions and the Union of Egyptian Workers, and hardened with filters Reza Abdul and Zeinab Khalil, Iman doorman independent workers and refused to Oorachn without the receipt of this certificate.

5 - repeated intransigence administrative in accepting the nomination papers Bushra El Samni categories Brotherhood Commission Alexandria Governorate and Amal Karim categories Brotherhood Commission of Giza, the first non-existence of a certificate of public service within the leaves and continued for another day, even accepted the leaves and the second has been accepted papers after two hours.